Title: Our Grim Future
Author: Tezzino
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character: Prussia-centric
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: Nope, don’t own APH.

I look at the country that I’ve known since its birth and its people I’ve seen grow. I was once the mighty kingdom of Prussia, Prūsa in old prussian, and later on I became eastern Germany. Actually, I’m nowadays New Prussia, in Canada, but I live with my younger brother, the country I’ve raised, Germany, or as I call him: West.

I walk amongst the people in Berlin. The Great Wall is gone, has been a long time, but for someone as old as I am, it feels like only days since I was reunited with West.
The people has definitly changed, there’s no denying that. The humans aren’t the “dominant” race anymore. Japans technology went a little overboard and his robots took over, resulting in humans now being the robots slaves, who can think, decide for themselves. They haven’t discovered that their countries excist in human bodies yet. That’s probably a good thing.

Many countries have already disappeared. Our lives depends on our people, after all. And I survived thanks to New Prussia. China, the country we all thought would live forever, since he was older than any of us ever would be, came to an end. Japan blamed himself for that, suffering until he himself perished. America died right before Englands eyes, and the brittish nation is now only a shadow of his old self. Just like Japan, Russia was in pain when China disappeared, but he survives. The few living of his people now lives in Siberia, where the machines have yet to come. It’s all a matter of time.

I return home. The house lies in dark, no light is on. The orderly and clinical brother I’ve known is gone. He’s still there, but since the death of Italy Feliciano, he has, like England, been an empty shell. I turn on a lamp and a soft light envelopes the room. West sits where I left him. In the same armchair, in the exact same state. Not even a finger has moved. I fear that my brother soon will come to an end.

I sink down on my knees in front of him, take his bigger hands in mine, regarding them. They’re thin, not a sign of the strength once habited there, the strength that could defeat so many, even me. He’s still taller than me, but it’s no longer noticeable, now that he’s no longer that strict brother who sighed over my childishness so many times.

I look up in Wests, Germanys, Ludwigs, my beloved brothers eyes. They seem dead, not an ounce of life is there to witness. I want to cry when I see the emptyness that has eaten my brother up. I hug his hands and let the tears fall. The tears he’s always been holding in, the tears he will never cry, when I think of them, I cty even harder.
“West.. Oi West… Are you alive..? Don’t leave me all alone.. W-West..” I haven’t gotten a reaction out of him. Not in 30 years. He gets closer and closer to his own destruction for each passing day and thinking of it makes strangeling despair wash over me. I rise to my feet and strokes a hand over one of Wests cheeks. “I’m going to make this end.. I’ll take him back to you.. I won’t let you die.. Do you hear me, West? I promise.. I promise..”

I am Preußen, East Germany and New Prussia. I survive, I’m born to fight for my survival. I see land after land perish. Hungary, Austria, Spain, France, the Italy-brothers, they’re all gone. I only got West left.. But soon, even he will be gone.

A/N: This story is written for a school-project “for fun” in social studies. Since he said we could let our imagination run wild I decided to write aboth Hetalia. The theme was “The world in 2042”, but not necessarily that exact year. I want to know how many wrote negative stuff, I know my twin and best friend did. Originally written in swedish.