Title: Fire
Author: Tezzino
Series: Delicious Gakuin
Pairing: Slight HijikataRin and RoumaShuugo
Rating: K
Prompt: Fire
Disclamer: Nope, don’t own.

It was dark outside. Perfect for grilling, the principal decided, declairing that there would be a camping outside that night, making his students groan. It was autumn and it was getting colder, especially during the night.

So when the night came, everyone gathered outside, carrying food, as Hijikata thought they might as well make it into something fun. What better than a grillparty?
Kodou lit a fire in the middle, as people gathered around to keep warm. They all agreed that it was a silly idea, really, though the teachers couldn’t really complain out loud.
But the night passed and they didn’t complain much anymore, since it was quite fun after all. It was pitch black, closer to morning than it was to night, it started to quiet down, as people started falling asleep, one after another.
Hijikata smiled down at his sleeping student, whose head rested in the italians lap, mouth slightly open as his breathing came out calmly. He let his fingers run through soft locks of brown hair, careful not to disturb Rin in his sleep.
In the outskirts of the light of the fire, Rouma was teasing Shuugo by blowing into his mouth as they made out, making the hothead strain not to scream at him, since he didn’t really dare wake everybody up.

It was a overall great evening, Hijikata concluded.