Title: Overflow
Author: Tezzino
Fandom: Fuuma no Kojiro
Pairing/Characters: RyomaKirikaze (onesided?)
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: Nope. Don’t oooowwwnnn.
Word count: 200

I don’t know when these feelings started. Maybe they’ve been here all along, and I just haven’t noticed.
But suddenly my world falls apart when you’re hurt, and the feelings overflow, and I know, it all started so long ago, the very first time I met you when we were just kids.
But I could never tell you. It’s impossible, shinobi is not supposed to love. We’re supposed not to get overwhelmed by these consuming feelings.
I’ve done well in that. But not as well as you. You hide them so well, that the only reason I know you care is the little quirks you have. And of course, the memory I’d rather not think of, the day you lost your left eye protecting me and Ryuho. Because I wasn’t mature enough you got hurt like that. And I couldn’t do anything to help. I can’t tell you to not use that power, even though it worries me so much every time. You’re breaking me apart by using it.

I put the shards of my heart together by the help of my mist.

Hiding it from the world.

Hiding me.

I’ll never tell.

Like many shinobi probably have before me.