Title: Kimochi
Author: Tezzino
Fandom: Kamen Rider Decade
Characters: Kadoya Tsukasa, Kaitou Daiki
Pairing: TsukasaKaitou
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Nope, don’t own DCD~

Notes: I didn’t think I would write a story with less talking than my Jack the Ripper-story for culturehistory/swedish-class, but I did, it seems.

He didn’t know who had started it. It was probably himself, knowing the other was fond of him but not really daring to touch him in that way. So Tsukasa could only blame himself when he woke up naked, partially beneath an equally naken young thief. He groaned and shoved the other away.
Why? Why him of all people?

When the other shifted and sat up to rub his eyes, his legs twitched at the pain in his lower back and ass and he opened his eyes to blink at the light that streamed through the window.
He then noted the look in Tsukasas eyes.
It hurt. His eyes glared at him with something akin to disgust, but not quite. It hurt so much. But he would not cry. Not here. Not in front of him. He would never forgive himself if he did.

A sinking feeling enveloped Tsukasas heart at the sight of the raven sitting on his bed, looking hurt and nearly crying. He turned his head to avoid looking at him, as the other missed the apologetic look on his face. He knew he shouldn’t have done this, especially not since he knew Daikis feelings. The feelings that wouldn’t change no matter how deep he was hurt. No matter how much he would suffer for his feelings.

Daiki rose to his feet, getting dressed in quick motions that seemed too slow to himself, so he could hide and let his feelings out.


He felt so used.

Like an old dishrag being thrown away after use. Like… he knew Tsukasa would always make him feel, time after time again. He knew it was just masochistic of him to stay around the other rider, he couldn’t help but being drawn to him. The same way they were always drawn to the same worlds, as if fate itself was mocking him.

Every time he swore it would be the last time, and every time he knew he would break it.
Because he was really just that stupid. Daiki knew that.

With a last, hurt glance over his shoulder at his most precious treasure, he snuck out the room, careful not to be noticed by anyone, covering his mouth with his hand as the tears was impossible to hold back any longer.

His feelings would kill him.

If not, they would surely be a good help on the way.