Title: Fishing
Author: Tezzino
Fandom: Kamen Rider Den-O
Pairing/Characters: MomotarosUrataros, special appearance by Ryuutaros and Kintaros.
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: Sadly for me, luckily for them, I don’t own.
A/N: AU. Each Imagin is a human person, not possessing anyone. This is school-AU (cliché~~ XD)

I felt ready to fall asleep on my desk right now. But I guess it’s my own fault for reading all night instead of sleeping. I yawned, hiding my mouth behind my hand. I had already received a scolding from sensei about sleeping in class, in first peroid.

A folded piece of paper got pushed to my desk and I looked at it tiredly. I unfolded it, reading the words inside, seeing the colourful words scribbled in hiragana. ‘Genki jya nai, Kame-chan? Want me to help you outta here?’ It was Ryuutaros.
I wrote down my answer at the back of the paper, folding it again and passing it back. ‘No, it’s all right. Tired, is all.’
I soon got it back again. ‘But this is boooring.’

I smiled at my friend that had always felt like a younger brother rather than a friend, passing the paper back. He scribbled something down again and I read it. ‘You have a date after school right? With Baka-Momo.’
I nodded, smiling as I thought of my boyfriend Momotaros. I had met him through Ryuutas friend Ryoutarou, who went to the same achool as Momo. I have to say he got on my nerves quite much, but even so, I fell for him. I just couldn’t help but laugh when he asked me out, he looked so cute and ridiculus being that embarrassed.
Ryuuta, noticing my distant thoughts grinned, looking back to a drawing he was working on instead of studying.

“Oh, it’s Baka-Momo! He’s here to pick you up! Ah- and Kuma-chan!”
We walked over to the two who was waiting at the schoolgates. “Ne ne, Kuma-chan, did you come to play with me?!” Ryuuta jumped where in excitement where he stood.
“Ou.” Kuma, or Kintaros as his real name was, answered with his booming voice. “Let’s go.” He said and Ryuuta happily skipped next to him, overjoyed to have a playmate for the day. He soon turned around though, running back to give me a quick hug, making Momotaros growl in jealousy. His aura was radiating the words. “Mine. Back. Off.”
Ryuuta then turned to Momotaros, poking him hard in the chest. “If you’re mean I’m gonna beat you up, kay? Don’t hear your answer though.” He then turned around, shouting to Kintaros as he ran back to him. “Ne ne ne, think Deneb is around to give me candy?”

When they were gone Momotaros glared at me a little. “Just what was that about?”
I laughed, knowing full well it was the hug he talked about. Such a jealous lover, Momo.
“He’s just worried you’ll make poor little me cry.”
Momotaros frowned. “You know damn well I’m not talking about that.”
“I know. But you’re cute when you’re huffy like that.”
“I’m NOT cute!” He calmed down soon, looking me in the eye. “Didn’t you forget something?”
I lit up. “Sorry sorry, sempai.” I pulled his face down to my level, kissing him deeply. He laid his hands at my waist, but I could feel them sliding down to my ass, squeezing softly.
As we broke the kiss he asked me what I wanted to do.
“Fishing.” I qanswered, wrapping my arms around one of Momotaros, leaning towards him.
“Sex does not involve any fishes, baka.”

I knew where he’d take me now, anyways. I chuckled softly to myself.