Title: As if I was dreaming
Author: Tezzino
Fandom: Rust Blaster
Pairing: AlKei
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: Noooope, don’t own.

Al sighed, staring up at the sky. He felt drained, a lot of things had happened in school today. He looked up at the human sitting on the branch of the tree. ‘And the whole reason’s cuz of him.’ He thought.
But it wasn’t Kei’s fault. He was more than well aware of that. ‘It’s my own fault for falling in love with the guy. Would’ve been easier if it’d been Kodachi or someone.’ He pondered that for a moment. ‘Or maybe not.’
He sighed again, finally gathering the courage to tell Kei about his feelings.

“Damn, in the end I didn’t get out a friggin word that made any sense!” He growled, flopping down on his bed. Whenever Kei had gotten close he’d felt so stupid for even considering the other to maybe, just maybe, like him back.

He heard a light knock on the door, and he called out “Come in” and he gasped as he saw none other than Kei standing there in the doorway. “W-w-what do you want?” Al asked, looking nervously at the human.
Kei approached slowly, raising his hands to rest on Als cheeks, as the vampire blushed madly, embarrassed by the others actions.
“Do you…” Kei started. “Love me?
Al felt like he wanted to die out of embarrassment.
“Ho-how did you-?”
“Faye told me.” The pale human answered calmly.
Al growled, cursing his best friend’s big mouth. He, who was the only one Al had told. Had-

In his fit of rage, the young vampire had been about to run and go yelling at his friend, but felt something stop him. It was Kei’s hands, still holding their grip on Al’s cheeks.
“There’s no need to be mean to Faye. Your feelings are answered, so.”
Al glared at the door. “I know, but- WAIT WHAT?”
Kei let out a tiny smile slip onto his face, making the other’s chest warm up, swelling with love.
“I said I love you back.” Kei said, pulling Al’s face down, pressing his soft lips on the tallers.
Al’s eyes widened and he blushed madly, but was soon dominating the kiss, making Kei fall down on his back on top of Al’s bed, Al straddling him.

The kiss ended abruptly though, when Al realised what he was doing he quickly pulled back. Kei remained relaxed on the bed with his eyes closed, a small blush tinting his cheeks. “Didn’t that feel nice?” he asked
“Un.” Al nodded, blushing as he looked away. “Love you.”
“Love you too.”