Title: Connect
Author: Tezzino
Fandom: Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Characters: Shinagawa Daichi, Izumi Gaku
Pairing: ShinagawaIzumi
Rating: T (for language)
Disclaimer: Did you think either boys or girls would be straight if I owned YktMc? NO. Hence, I do not own.

Shinagawa gripped Izumi’s wrist and lifted him off the floor. “AHH! What’re you doing, you bastard?!” the short boy yelled out, making the other students in the corridor look at them, confused looks on their faces.
“I need to talk to you.” Shinagawa merely stated.
“I DO have legs, you know!” Izumi tried to kick the taller student, so he would let go, but to no avail.
“But you’ve been avoiding me whole day, stupid.”
“Don’t you DARE call me stupid you no-brains-man!”

When Shinagawa finally put the shorter down, Izumi was exausted from all the kincking and screaming, and just stood there glaring at the other. “WHAT IS IT?!” he yelled angrily after a moment to catch his breath.
“I kanna know why you’re avoiding me, all of a sudden.”
Izumi started to blush. “I-I just didn’t feel like seeing your ugly face.”
“Huh? Like we don’t fight anyways. It’s annoying when you ignore me, Adachi goes on asking me what I did to you all the time.”
Izumi looked annoyed. “That’s it, you blockhead. You don’t do ANYTHING.”
“Whaddaya mean by that?”
“I mean,” Izumi walked up to the taller boy, glaring at him. “That I’m friggin’ in love with you!”
Shinagawa stumbled back in shock. “W-WHAT?!”
The blackhaired boy turned on his heel towards the door. “Bye.”
“Wait!” Shinagawa gripped the others wrist, stopping him from leaving.
“What?” Izumi asked, annoyed and embarrassed. His eyes went wide as the taller hugged him close.
“I love you too, stupid.”
“You do- hey, you called me stupid again!”

Seemed like nothing would change, even if it had turned out they were in love with each other.

“—what the fuck was that kiss for, bastard?!”
“But you look cute when you’re pouting like that!”
“I’ll kill you, you–”

At least not much.