Title: Crossed
Author: Tezzino
Fandom: Kamen Rider Decade
Pairing: TsukasaKaitou
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Nope don’t own these boys, nor any other Kamen Rider-characters. ^_^ But can I marry Hana please?
Summary: Tsukasa comments on Kaitous way of sleeping.

Kaitou growled as he felt his sleep being disrupted by an uncomfortable feeling throughout his body. When he opened his eyes, he was met by a halfdressed Tsukasa, who was currently leaning over him, fiddeling with something by the beds headboard.
“Tsukasa.. Wharydoin.?” he murmured. The brunette met his eyes, raising an eyebrow.
“How come the only thing you can say properly is my name?” he asked, running a hand down a slim arm, before tilting the others face a little upwards by the chin with his index finger.
Kaitou blinked tiredly and puckered his lips in a pout, not answering. He tried to cross his arms over his chest, but found he couldn’t. “Why.. m’rms..” He was still not fully awake, the pink rider noted. His hand on the ravens chin trickled lower, down the bare chest, teasing the side of his waist, then the smooth skin of his hipbones, finally fingering the blanket that wrapped in a tangled mess around his hips.”The way you sleep, it’s like you’re begging for being raped, Kaitou.”
Said thief wrapped his legs around the owner of the bed they occupieds hips, pressing against him. His arms may be useless right now, but his legs were not. “Then rape me senseless, Tsukasa.” he breathed to his treasure, lips mere millimeters apart, as he grinded their crothces against each others, feeling the other getting hard.
Tsukasa smirked before kissing the man beneath him passionately, a finger tracing a whiplash at the others shoulder, knowing he himself had placed it there. The raven just loved him beyond reason, didn’t he? Tsukasa thought about that for a moment, before going back to occupy himself with the object in his hands, namely Kaitou.
One hand pinched a nipple as the other searched down beneath the blanket, starting to prepare the other, who moaned loudly.

Afterwards Kaitou lay lax in his arms, exhausted. Angry red marks from the brunettes nails glowed on his chest and thighs, dozens of hickeys covering his neck, throat and chest.
Tsukasa laid next to him, trailing the marks that adorned his lovers body, making him even prettier in his eyes.
After a while, limbs still shivering in exhaustion, the thief spoke: “What was that.. about the way I sleep?”
Tsukasa ignored his question for a few minutes, still focusing on the marks. Kaitou knew he had heard him though.
Finally, the destroyer of worlds opened his mouth.

“Did you know you sleep with your arms crossed above your head?”


A/N: Indeed, it looks kinda.. kinky to sleep like that. I’ve seen my best friend do it several times, and my younger brother does it too, sometimes. XD