Title: Marry!
Author: Tezzino
Fandom: Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata
Pairing: KirinShurinosuke, (SoumaChiaki)
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: First off, I wouldn’t have made the opening so obvious when it came to the pairings. So no, don’t own.
Summary: It had been an innocent kiss. Nothing wrong with that, right?
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It had been an innocent kiss, but a kiss none the less. And neither boys were known for just randomly go about and kiss people. The class stared at them. The poor boys felt like pecular animals in a zoo, the others searching for a reason for the kiss, and when they didn’t find one, they just simply stared at them.

The taller started fidgeting, the shorter bouncing next to him and tried to distract them with little yells like ”Kyaa, kowai, doushiyo?” but it didn’t help at all. It only made their classmates stare even more.

Finally, Nami spoke. ”Ano.. Kirin-kun, Shurinosuke-kun.. What was that kiss?” Of course she was blushing, asking that sort of thing and the two exchanged glances.

Shurinosuke nodded firmly once, and Kirin smiled up at him, before bouncing up and down again, waving a hand in the air. ”It’s because we’re dating!” he said loudly, then clinging onto Shurinosukes arm, one arm still waving like mad. ”We’re husband and husband!”
The last comment made the rich prince blush. ”It’s not like we’re married, Kirin.”
”We can fix that!” Kirin turned back to the rest of the class. ”Who wanna be priest?!”

Everyone felt like they would drop to the floor in exasperation, including Shurinosuke.
”Bueh?” Kirin made a questioning sound near the others ear, licking it.
Shurinosuke gasped, blush reaching all the way to colour his ears red.
”Na- na- Nani su-” He covered his ear with a hand, that Kirin pulled away and played his lipssd over the tallers shell, giggleing.
”Your ears are so sensitive, Shu!”

Haruka stood with her mouth hanging open. ”Shu- Shu- Shu- with- Kir-” Promptly, she fainted. The shock was just too great.
”Oi.” Souma poked at her, then shaking her gently, until she opened her eyes. ”Is it that disappointing?” he asked. She nodded, earning a pat on the back from the former scary-looking boy. ”You’ll get over it, don’t worry.”
Chiki blinked at her boyfriend. ”Did you.. Did you know?”
He nodded. ”Yeah, I’ve caught them.. making out.. several times.”

He didn’t dare mention that it had been more than just making out. He didn’t want any more fainting. If he said exactly how much he’d seen he was sure it wouldn’t be only Haruka fainting.