Title: After
Author: Tezzino
Fandom: Café Daikanyama III: Sorezore no Ashita
Pairing: HibikiKotocchi
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Kotocchis sensei freaks me ou- I mean I don’t own Café Daikanyama.
Prompt: Pocket
A/N: Takes place after the third movie.
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When he was leaving, he found a note in the left backpocket of his jeans. It was a note with few words, in the neat handwriting of Miura Mikoto, also known as Kotocchi.

Take care. Call me

Hibiki smiled. It wasn’t until he reached the airport, pulling out his ticket, that he realised there was more. Another note, almost identical to the first, in one of the pockets in his jacket. Another smile crept onto his face. In all of the clothes he owned, in every pocket, he found the notes. A warm and fuzzy feeling enveloped his heart, and he sat down on the bed of the small apartment he would be renting during his stay in Paris, hands holding all the notes tightly.

Before even hanging the clothes into the wardrobe, he put the notes next to him on the bed, flipping open his cellphone. A number his fingers knew well was quickly dialed. It was answered before the first signal ended.

Moshi moshi, Hibiki-san.”
The dancing man laughed, eyes soft. “Were you waiting?”
Yes.” The short answer came in a firm voice.

Hibiki rolled over so he lay on his back. “I just got to the apartment. Don’t be so impatient, Kotocchi.”
“I miss you.”
Hibiki heard a few tones from the koto.
“I miss you too. Is it alright over there?”
“It’s strange, without Reve Continuer, but I will get used to it.”
“I’ll be back in no time, don’t worry.”
“You’ve been gone in ten hours and twelve minutes. It’s long enough.”

Hibiki closed his eyes and breathed calmly as his chest filled with longing. “I’ve just gotten here. I promise, I’ll call you every day.”
“I’ll by a webcam.”

I’ll buy one, and you’ll buy one, and we can talk face to face as much as we want.”
“Ah, I didn’t think of that. It’ll be one of my first priorities today.”
“Ah, sou nanda. The time-differance.”

“Un.” Hibiki rolled over again. “Mikoto- I love you.”
I love you too, Shibata.”
“I guess it’s late, over there, did I wake you up?”
It’s so late it’s morning.” The smile was heard through the line.
“So I did wake you.”
“It’s alright. I didn’t sleep. I was waiting for you to call.”

“You should have slept. Baka.” Hibiki scolded gently.
A few notes on the koto later, and Kotocchi hummed a gentle and soothing melody, that made the darkhaired man sleepy, feeling the long travel. And he did fall asleep, the lightbrownhaired man heard the even and soft breathing, knowing that the other had fallen asleep.

He hummed a while longer, then slowly sang lower, until he finally stopped. His eyes focused on the koto, as he run his fingers over the instrument. As he ended the call, closing his phone, he talked quietly to himself. “I’ll miss him. But I’m sure he’ll be back soon.”