Title: In a huff
Author: Tezzino
Fandom: Kamen Rider Den-O
Pairing: SeigKotaro
Prompt: Shirt
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Well, no, I do not own.
Summary: Seig liked Kotaro the best when he was angry.
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Written totally without a plan, in about… five minutes.

Kotaro was pouting, and in Seig’s eyes it looked very cute. The boy looked edible, to say the least. But then again, he always did, but he was even more appealing while angry, pouting and fuming. He didn’t know what had the boy in a hff this time, maybe it was because he had gone and possessed his grandfather again? But honestly, Seig didn’t think it would make the boy that annoyed, he had done so several times already. But nevermind that, the boy was way more interesting than usual when he was growling and snarling beneath him, but at the end, always begging for more. Somehow, every time it happened, Seig possessing a body, and in the company of only the young male, Kotaro was a blushing mess at the end, refusing to even look at him for a day or two.

“Do you detest it that much, little one?” Seig asked once.
Kotaro threw a pillow at him, as hard as he could, which really wasn’t much, considering what they had been doing for the past few hours. “Shut up!”

Their encounters was often swift, short, and with Ryotarou’s mind in a deep sleep in the back of his mind, Seig making sure he wouldn’t wake and notice. Surely, the young man who had Bad Luck for a stalker, would be too embarrassed to even look at anyone for years. Kotaro, on the other hand, seemed to ignore him for shorter and shorter spans of time after every month. It was indeed very amusing. Maybe soon, they could take it to higher levels in their games.

Because really, both Seig and Kotaro knew that the young raven boy from the future liked it.