Title: Choco
Author: Tezzino
Fandom: Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)
Pairing: TakenagaKyoheiTakenaga
Rating: T
Prompt: Hot chocolate
Disclaimer: Err, I’ve read one book, and the pairings’re already obvious. No, I don’t own.
Summary: Takenaga, Kyohei and hot chocolate.
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Kyohei’s eyebrow twitched at the clinking of a sppon from the kitchen. It had gone on for a few minutes, and he was getting really ticked off. What the hell was Takenaga doing?!

Just as he was about to rise up from the couch to check on Takenaga, something warm was pressed to his cheek. He jumped.
A soft chuckle escaped the raven boy’s lips, as he sat down next to him.
“Is it that scary?” he asked, crossing his legs with a swift movement. “Hot chocolate?”
Kyohei accepted the beverage, letting Takenaga sip his own drink, steam rising from the cup. The blonde glared at his housemate, before taking a swig of his own cup.
“Did it take you so long to fix this?”
“Why, yes.”
“I don’t get you.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re weird.” Kyohei took another swig.
Takenaga was smiling as he swallowed some more of the hot drink. “Yes, but you’re even weirder.”

Kyohei leaned heavily at the shorters shoulder, after having put the now empty cup on the table. “You’re exhausting.”
“I’d love to exhaust you in.. another way.”
Light eyes met dark ones. “What kind of confession is that?”
“My confession to you.”
“That’s right, the one you used to get me in your bed two months ago.”
“Well, I’m not a smooth talker, like Ranmaru, or an expressionist like Yukinojo.”
“But saying ‘I’d love to exhaust you in another way’ is almost crude.”
“I’ve never taken you for a prude, Kyohei.”
“I’m not.” Kyohei, just to prove his point, took the still half-full cup from the ravens hands, pulling at his legs so they weren’t crossed anymore, straddeling his legs as he kissed him deeply, making Takenaga moan into the others mouth.

A string of saliva connected them as they parted to breathe, and Kyohei greedily licked the others lips, winking at him. “Proved you wrong yet?”
Takenaga settled his hands at the small of tallers back, gazing into his eyes. “Not yet. Try to convince me more?”

He was assaulted by a ravishing set of lips on his, as Kyohei seemingly tried to eat him, starting with his face, his mind blowed away when a hand sneaked to the front of his pants.

Takenaga melted.