Kamen Rider W: Shotaro, Philip
Nobuta wo Produce: Akira
Happy Boys: Gen, Junta
Prince of Tennis: Davide, Bane-san, Marui, Niou, Osamu, Shiraishi, Jiroh-tan

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Poor Bane-san never gets his ice. And The doujinshi had a cute Davide in his sisters clothes. 😀


Gen and Junta is definitly my favorite-characters in Happy Boys, with Fuki soon after.

Akira<333 Kon!

So fluffy, innit? :3

Osamu, can’t you see Shiraishi is tired from the smexing?^_^ I love kansai-ben.

T-this baby Jiroh-tan is one of the cutest things I’ve seen! It’s from one of the Yuushi-sensei-books, where Jiroh is 11 months old.<3