Title: You’re a damn idiot.
Author: Tezzino/QueenSweets
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: NiouMarui
Prompt: Bathrobe
Rating: T
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Niou shuddered when his body stirred, and he opened his eyes. The water had gone tepid, and he would probably catch a cold because of it. He didn’t move for a while, feeling himself get chilled to the bone.

Suddenly something hit him on top of the head. Looking up, he spotted his boyfriend, Marui Bunta, scowling down at him.
The redhead blew a bubble, letting it pop. “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?” he asked.
“Ah, I fell asleep.” The petenshi said and splashed around in the water, not really feeling the coldness anymore.
“Then why are you still sitting there? You’re awake now! Get up!” He hit Niou on the head again.
Niou rose, stepping out of the bathtub and shuddering again as cold air hit his already cold skin. “You’re killing my braincells with all that hitting, yanno.”
Marui pouted. “Like you had any from the start.”
Niou grinned at the shorter boy, resting his hands on his hips. “Like you’re one to talk with me about that.”
I am a genius.” He glanced downwards, a blush dusting his cheeks a pretty pink color. He looked to the side, covering his hot cheeks. “Put something on, sukebe.”
Niou rolled his eyes and pulled on a bathrobe hanging off a hook, uncaring that he was still dripping wet. He reached out his arm and rested a hand behind the pinkhaired’s neck. Retracting the arm, he pulled the smaller along with it. “Not like I got anything ya haven’t seen before. And I know you like my body.” He rubbed their crotches together, making Marui gasp and flush deepening. “Right, tensai-chan?”
Marui covered his mouth with the back of his right hand, the left giving him support against the edge of the tub when he backed against it. “Ngh-aah..” he moaned, when Niou massaged the forming erection through the fabric of the jeans he was wearing.
Their lips locked and tongues battled for dominance, Marui being stubborn, but gave into Niou’s touches to the rest of his body. Niou pushed tighter against the sweets-loving boy, fumbling with the button in said male’s jeans, lips still locked.


“Cold!” Marui howled, shooting up from the tub, soaked in an instant.
Niou started to laugh. “Sorry, didn’t mean to! But- you look so cute right now!” He clutched his stomach.
“Oh, that does it.” Marui fumed, climbing out. “You’re mean.”
“Yeah, of course.” Still laughing, he handed his boyfriend a fluffy towel. “But you love me anyway.”
Marui accepted the towel, although still scowling. “Che.”
Niou rolled up the sleeve of the robe and pulled the plug out the bathtub, waterlevel slowly sinking. He kept grining as the water swirled out, watching the pinkhaired boy strip out of the wet clothes.