Author: Tezzino/QueenSweets
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Pairing: YuuriWolfram
Rating: K+
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Buchou (Yes, I will call you that even though you don’t have blue hair anymore), I know you like dark stuff, but I can’t get any dark ideas for this pairing right now. So have some fluff.^_^ Requested by RenAllenHidanWalker (Yukimura-buchou) at FF.net.
Written in a somewhat different style than usual. “You-POV”?

You sigh deeply, signing another document. Wasn’t it enough already? You’ve been working for how long now? Ten minutes, Gwendal told you, annoyed. You sigh again.

Once you are allowed to leave, you search out Wolfram, who is in the garden with Greta, reading. Wolfram is reading some book or the other, while Greta is consumed one of Anissina’s books. You are kind of scared of how Greta will become as an adult, what with idolizing the pink-haired woman so much. Your fiance and daughter look up when you called their names, Greta’s face brightens and she runs up to you, giving you a hug. Yuuri, Wolfram smiles at you, but looks away, blush on his face when he notice that you are looking back at him, and equally warm smile on your face. He huffs and glance at you, looking away, looking at you again and turning away. You find it rather cute, and walk up to your dear blond. He looks at you when you sit down next to him on the edge of the fountain, a pout on his lips. You get the urge to kiss him, and always impulsive, you follow through and kiss those pretty pink lips full on. He smiles into the kiss, and your daughter claps her hands.

You love the way his body feels beneath yours, how soft his hair is. You love him even when he is angry at you, even though it annoys you when he calls you wimp. I’m not a wimp. But he smiles at you, kissing your forehead before you go to sleep, and you cuddle together, joined by Greta who makes her way between you. You sling an arm around your loved people, watching them with a smile as you all drift to sleep.

And you feel that all is perfect.

Shooort. The longest fics I write seem to be the Toxic pair-ones with sex in them.