Title: Toy
Author: Tezzino/QueenSweets
Fandom: Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Pairing(s): All x Kento
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I own Mei-chan no Shitsuji just as much as I own the copyright on keyholes.
A/N: I have just watched the drama, so I wouldn’t know about how much it differences from the manga.
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Even though Kento was pretty frustrated, he wouldn’t say anything about it. It was far too.. embarrassing, after all. His thoughts started to wander as he leaned against the railing of the bridge.

He blushed as he remembered a night with the drunken Nezu. Not like it was unusual for the older butler to be drunk after an argument between him and his Ojou-sama. And he’d so conveniently been there that moment. Again. Though he had to admit he’d been driven almost insane by pleasure in bed with Nezu, needless to say, the older was skilled in the arts of pleasure. Though that didn’t mean it happened often, they didn’t fight that much, after all.

His thoughts wandered over to Daimon. Sweet Daimon, one of the more gentle men, but very energic. It wasn’t near being as pleasurable as with Nezu, but pleasuring enough. The sex between them was just as gentle and full of energy as the taller man was.

Shinobu was far from being gentle. Kento pushed down the hem of his sleeve, watching the still-visible rope-burns on his wrists. Yep, far from gentle. But it had made him realize a darker side of himself that he never knew he had. The part of him that was masochistic. It was heavy on bondage with Shinobu, he thought.

The roughness was the same with the white-haired man’s Oujo-sama, Lucia. It was a horror every time he was with her. If he had to choose, he would easily choose Shinobu over Lucia-sama. They were both mean, but she was just.. plain nasty.

He shuddered as his fingers traced the marks on his wrists. There was leftover marks from tape too, fresh. They were from Aoyama, and it made his face burn in a deep and warm blush. Although all brought him pleasure, made his heartbeat speed up, it beat even faster with Aoyamam though he didn’t understand why.

He scrunched up his face in dismay, growling out in frustration. “Why the hell am I everyones toy? !”
“What do you mean?” a voice startled him out of his thoughts.
Rihito looked at him, somewhat confused. “Now, what do you mean by that?”

Oh my god, she featured something straight? AAAH! The world is ending! I’ve watched all the drama, but no, I still do not like Lucia, so that part was quite.. not fun to write, but I felt like I needed to include it.