Title: The mess that is Hyotei
Author: Tezzino/QueenSweets
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing(s): Adorable pair, Silver Pair
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: “Förteckning över barn som varit föremål för barnavårdsnämndens verksamhet” is a very long title for the archive. And no, I do not own Prince of tennis.
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Atobe frowned at his teammates. “When ore-sama said you could stay the night, ore-sama did not mean you were sleeping in my bed.”
Jiroh rolled around on the bed, rolling over both Shishido and Choutarou in the process. “Aw, come on, Kei-chan, it’ll be much cozier!” For once he was not asleep. He was on a bed, after all, a bed he deemed very comfortable.
Shishido, who had previously been scowling at Jiroh’s rolling over him and his double’s partner, moved a little to allow the larger boy to cuddle him, staring at their buchou.
“But seriously, who needs a bed this big anyways? It’s large enough for all regulars, even with Kabaji.”

Gakuto, who had taken Oshitari’s glasses and put them onto his own nose, snorted at Shishido’s remark. “It’s like it’s made for orgies.”
The comment made Atobe blush, but he tried to hide it by striding elegantly to the bed, sitting down at the closest available spot, which so happened to be between Jiroh and Hiyoshi.

Gakuto didn’t let it slide though, always up for teasing anyone. “Ahaha! Atobe is blushing! Atobe is blushing!” He bounced up and down on the giant bed.
Jiroh looked up. “Eh, maji? ! I wanna see!” When Atobe refused to look at him, the hyper strawberry-blond pounced on the bochou, pushing him into the mattress, partly on top of Hiyoshi, who protested over getting his air squeezed out of his lungs by the two added weights.

For a second nobody moved, but then Gakuto and Shishido burst out laughing. “Look at that incredible blush! How cute, Atobe!” Gakuto was gasping from all the near-hysterical laughing and Shishido couldn’t stop since Choutarou had started to tickle him, because he just thought his sempai’s laughter was so sweet.
Oshitari was trembling from suppressed laughter. Jiroh giggled and started to cuddle the furiously blushing Atobe in the crook of his neck, his curly hair tickling the other’s chin. “Cute! Kei-chan, too cute!”

The silverhair was sputtering indignantly in embarrassment, struggling with the teen on top of him, while Hiyoshi looked very annoyed at being forgotten, but at least he had regained his breath. Chouterou just smiled sweetly and ceased his tickle-torturing his dear sempai, kissing him on the forehead before watching the struggle occurring in the middle of the bed.

“Jiroh, stop that!” Atobe yelped when a pair of lips sucked the sensitive flesh on his neck. Damnit, that would be visible even when fully clothed!
Jiroh didn’t listed though, continuing to use the four-letter word like some sort of mantra. “Cute, cute, cute!”
“I’m pretty sure I know who the dominant in your relationship is, Atobe.” Oshitari drawled in his heavy kansai-ben. “Surprisingly, it’s not you.”
“Shut up!” the filthy rich boy hissed at him.
The bluenette just calmly pushed up his glasses, that he had finally gotten back, ignoring the pissed-off Hiyoshi who was angry enough to be biting into a screeching Shishido’s foot, Choutarou trying to get him off while at the same time holding his cross in a firm grip.

Taki was laughing at them all, where he sat on Atobe’s desk, recording it all.

I wanted to include Taki, in some way, and that, I did. Somehow, despite so little screentime, I like Taki. And if you were wondering, which you probably wasn’t, or you maybe were, Kabaji was visiting his sister in England, yes, I decided, because, damn I can’t write Kabaji.  Even thoughI’m working on a fanfic with Kabaji and Atobe.. It’s going slow on that one… We’ll see.
Bai-bai, go listen to.. Dream Live 1st or something, because I love it.