Title: In the Ice Cream Bar
Author: Tezzino/QueenSweets
Fandom: Kamen Rider W
Pairing: KirihikoPhilip
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or Kamen Rider W, nor do I make any profit from making this. *sings*
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Kirihiko eyed the boy at the opposite end of the small table, where they sat in an out-door ice cream-bar. Said boy was carefully lapping up the remaining parts of melted ice cream off a plastic box. “Philip-kun, how can you eat that?”
Philip looked up at him, blinking cluelessly. “What do you mean?” he asked, before resuming his lapping away on the see-through plastic. “I know it’s food. Shotarou treated me-”
“I meant the combination.”
Philip carefully studied the box, placing it in front of him. “Both taste good alone, so I thought I’d try them together.”
Kirihiko leaned his head on his hand, Philip miroring his motions. “It tasted weird, but it was pretty good.”
“But sushi and ice cream? What made you want to try that combination?”
“I don’t know.” Philip shrugged, puckering his lips in thought. Kirihiko ruffled his hair affectionatly.
“You’re way too cute for your own good, know that?”
Philip smiled, patting the older man on the lips with a green plastic spoon. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

That made the man laugh warmly, leaning forward in his chair to kiss the young teen on the lips. “It was one, silly.”
Philip reached for the scarf around the taller ravens neck, pulling him forward again so that their lips met. They both felt stared upon them, and pulled back, looking around. The other custumers were looking at them, some white in the face from the horror of two men acting so intimately, some girls giggleing about the oh-so-cute fanservice, or simply staring in surprise or curiosity.
Daring, they thought, about these strange annd seemingly homosexual persons.

Philip chuckled and lucked up at Kirihiko, innocently batting his eyes, putting a finger to his bottom lip. “Now, where were we? I seem to have forgotten.”
“Now, now. I’ll do my best to remind you.” Kirihiko said with a broad smile, being answered by a slight upward turn of soft lips and a playful glint in dark eyes.
“Would you be so kind?”
“My pleasure.”

…I was craving ice cream and sushi while starting to write this.. Not combined though, but I’d like to try it. A little child’s logic? My logic. XD