Title: White Wings and You
Chapter 1 – Meeting
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Future WakatoKajimoto
Rating: K (rating may go up later on)
Summary: Tennis gave him wings, but he was not allowed to have them.
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Kajimoto Takahisa had, at the age of seven, never been in contact with tennis. He had heard the name of the sport, and knew he couldn’t touch it.

That could be explained easily enough, if one knew his family-background. His father, Kajimoto Kosuke, had been part of the tennis club in middle school. But he had been kicked out, for no apparent reason, he told, but that was not true. The truth was that he had beaten up one of his opponents who won a match against him, pretty badly at that. So he had been banned from the club, which resulted in Kosuke hating the sport.
And so, the only thing Takahisa knew about tennis was that it was a horrible sport, that he was supposed to hate, that you got in trouble if you dared mention it.

His father had married Ichinomiya Akiko, the daughter of a rich CEO or the like, who was the only child, but had still never been forced into arranged marriage like so many of those rich kids were. Her father was a very gentle old man.
He had passed away before Takahisa was born however, and the company was taken over by Ichinomiya Haruto’s most trusted friend, Kaname Akira. Haruto’s private fortune however, was passed onto the Kajimotos.

It was only when Takahisa was born that Kosuke began to change. He didn’t look like any of his parents, with darkblonde hair and gray eyes. His mother and father both had black hair, Kosuke with black eyes, and Akiko with eyes that shone brightly in the color brown.
There had probably been other reasons too, but if there was, he hadn’t heard them.
All he knew was that his father had changed since his birth, for the worse. He started to gamble, smoking more and more, drinking. He didn’t allow any newspapers or magazines in the house. He threw out the radio and cut the antenna to the TV with a knife. When he was not out gambling, he was sitting or lying on the only sofa in the small livingroom and watching movie afte movie.

When Takahisa was almost five, his mother left. She couldn’t take it anymore, and left while her husband had passed out from the alcohol, and her son was still at kindergarten. She left everything, money, car, clothes. Everything.
”She ran off with that fucker she cheated on me with. That slut.” was the only thing Kosuke said.

Takahisa didn’t understand until it was in the middle of the night, waking up from a weird dream of his mother laughing as she sped away in a car without a roof with a faceless man, him still on the side of the road. Then it dawned on him; mommy had left. Mommy would not come back. Mommy didn’t want him.

He knew it was no use to go to daddy. His father had drunk himself to sleep, and wouldn’t wake up until tomorrow evening, at earliest.
That was the first by many nights that he would cry himself to sleep.


Now, two years later, it still hurt. Not as much as when it first sank in, but still. He had always been used to take care of himself, so there wasn’t much change in his days, but it was still strange. He had always known that daddy didn’t love him, but he had thought that at least mommy had.

He had been spending the day at elementary school, and was now on his way back home. He was used to go to and from kindergarten from the age four, when his mother started to work night, and his father was either drinking, smoking or gambling. The only difference when he started school was that his father dressed up as a caring parent on his first day of school.

It was weird. He was thinking about what had happened today. It had been one of the other childrens birthday, and the class had celebrated together. He had never celebrated his birthday at home, and it felt.. weird, whenever birthdays were celebrated, especially his own. Why would they want to celebrate that he was born, he, who had brought such misfourtune to his parents? But then again, no one knew about his family’s situation.


He heard strange sounds, as if someone was playing on the other side of the collection of trees. There was a strange, irregular bouncing sound. He walked through the trees, coming up to a green wire-fence. He looked at what was beyond it.
Red spaces of ground, made into framed property by lines broader than his hand was. A green and white net parting two boys his age from two boys maybe just a few years older. They looked like they were having fun, working together two and two to pass a yellow ball across the framed spaces, over the net.
He didn’t notice that his fingers had twined in the fence, his nose only a few millimeters from the green metal wire. He just watched, mouth hanging open, concentrating on the four boys and the ball. The smaller boy, maybe only a little larger than himself, moved fast, his soft-looking brown hair in a whisk around his head as he shot the ball over the net. One of the older stumbled to get the ball, but it bounced back against the net.
”Sit games to four, Chibisuke-tachis victory.” the same boy said, laughing.
The two smaller boys were all smiles, and the one with black hair and glasses spoke. ”It was a good game.”

They shook hands, the older boys saying something about homework and leaving, walking towards a building.
The two younger boys walked towards the bench where their bags were when the brunette caught sight of Takahisa, who was still staring at them like spellbound, eyes glittering.

The smaller nudged his friend in the side and nodded towards where the darkblond stood. He didn’t notice they were coming until they were right in front of him on the other side of the fence.
”Did you like our game?” the brunette asked, a little curious to this new boy.
Takahisa nodded. ”It was amazing! The best thing I’ve ever seen!”
The blackhaired boy chuckled, a very odd sound coming from someone so young.
”Have you ever played?” The blond shook his head.
They both seemed amused. ”Do you want to try?”
They had never seen such entusiastic nodding.
”Come over here then. It’s harder than it looks, but once you’re used to it, tennis can be really fun.” the brunette smiled and motioned towards a door made of the same green wire.

Takahisa’s smile faltered, and he let go of the fence. ”T-tennis..?”
Now the ones he had been sure could have become his friends looked confused as he backed away, turning on his heels and running as fast as his feet could take him.
They weren’t sure, but they thought they heard him rapidly murmur ”I hate tennis, I hate tennis, I hate tennis”, over and over.

End chapter one – Meeting


A/N: A cookie for those who can guess who the two boys were.^_~

This chapter became shorter than I thought it would, but I knew where I wanted to end the first chapter. It’ll probably get.. harder now, since the parts I had planned most was this part.