Fanart: Durarara!! Wednesday, Jun 23 2010 

The “Yaoi-police” is molesting dA. Hence I had to put a strict warning on this one for a while, until they hopefully they stop. I don’t like having to stop people from looking at/reading what they want. I started with yaoi years before I was 18, after all.

So yesterday I had my brother scan a few pictures, and this is the first one I colored. Far from the most pervy I’ve got to finish(<3) But it’s the only Shizaya, so I chose it first<3 It’s naked, at least on one of the parts (meaning characters), but no real action. Working on those.




Fanart, Coloring Friday, Jun 11 2010 

Kamen Rider W: Shotaro, Philip
Nobuta wo Produce: Akira
Happy Boys: Gen, Junta
Prince of Tennis: Davide, Bane-san, Marui, Niou, Osamu, Shiraishi, Jiroh-tan


Fanart: Prince of Tennis Sunday, May 23 2010 

two fanarts, one colored doujinshi-panel. 😀

Photos: Family Sunday, Mar 28 2010 

First photo-post here.^_^

Taken: Various dates
Edited: 2010-03-28
Edited in: Photoshop Elements 6.0
Models: People I call family + Me