Title: Something happening not in the detention
Author: Tezzino
Fandom: Delicious Gakuin
Pairning: RoumaRin
Raitng: T
Disclaimer: If I owned DeliGaku, Nango wouldn’t stay in love with that girl for long.
Summary: There was just some things Matthew and Shuugo didn’t want to know.
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”Aw, ya’re too cute!” Rouma squealed as he pounced his lover, making them roll into the sleeping Matthew as a result. The part-french yelped as he was woken up so violently. ”What are you foing?!” He looked at them, as Shuugo sat up next to him. ”And why are you naked?!” He backed away a little from the two stark naked teenagers.

Shuugo glared at them all as he frowned, a dark look on his face. He looked pissed.

”They were having sex, aho! Just how heavy do you sleep?! And you two! Do you know how loud you are?!”

Rin blushed and did something between a frown and a pout. ”Mou, don’t say it like that!”

Rouma, who was still wrapped around his boyfriend with both arms and legs, looked curiously at his classmate. ”Why didn’t ya sleep then, if ya didn’t wanna hear it?”
”Because ya were too loud!”

”I still don’t get why that would stop ya from sleeping. Or do you get turned on by it? Shuugo ya pervert! Sukebe~!” the boy from Hokkaido said, the last part in a teasing tone, making Rin touch his forehead with the back of his hand dramatically in exasperation.

”Rouma, omae na..”

Shuugo frowned. ”Why the hell would ya even do it in here?!”

Rin huffed. ”There’s only that many times I put up with having sex in the bathroom. It’s not anything beautiful about it at all.”

Rouma leaned his chin against Rins shoulder as he seemingly contemplated something.

”But it beats losing yer virginity in the detention, right?”

Shuugo stood up, pointing an accusing finger at them. ”That was way too much information!” he yelled, taking a step backwards, only to stumble and fall, as his feet came about the body of their still sleeping sempai, Nango. Shuugo frowned.

”And yer even worse, sleeping through all this!” He kicked at their sempai.

Rouma grinned. ”I’m sure he wouldn’t be angry. Not when the two of us came up with the idea that ya were gay and in love with Kodou-sensei.”

Shuugo blushed in anger and embarrassment and turned promtly on his feet, stomping out of the room, making sure to step on Nango, who still wouldn’t wake up.
Augh! I hate you all!”

He was only met by mad laughter from Rouma, as Matthew tried desperately to fall back to sleep.